Parents of murdered Malaysian student travel to Taiwan to make funeral arrangements

SIBU,. The parents of the Malaysian student who was found murdered in Taiwan on Thursday have flown to Taipei to make arrangements for her funeral, said the family’s lawyer, Yap Hoi Lioing.

Yap, who was contacted by Bernama, named the deceased as Irene Chung and said that her parents flew to Taipei via the Kuala Lumpur International Airport at about 2.15 pm today.

Earlier, Sibu OCPD, ACP Stanley Jonathan Ringgit confirmed that the deceased’s mother, Ting Ching Ching, 45, had lodged a report at the Sibu Central Police Station on Thursday saying she had received a call from the university her daughter was studying in, informing her of her daughter’s murder in the mountainous district of Alian in Kaohsiung.

Chung, 24, was reported missing on Thursday morning and footage captured on CCTV cameras showed her walking alone close to a railway overpass near the university at around 8 pm on Wednesday.

Taiwanese police arrested a suspect on Thursday and he confessed to strangling the victim with a rope before dumping her body.

The suspect was detained for voluntary manslaughter and sexual assault.

The President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, and Premier Su Tseng-chang have apologised to the family as well as Malaysians over the murder.


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