Savonix launches Japanese website to expand brain health outreach

Savonix launches Japanese website to expand brain health outreach

KUALA LUMPUR,. Savonix, a global leader in digital cognitive health testing has launched its Japanese website to better serve clients and expand outreach in Japan.

According to a statement, the website explains the science behind Savonix’s brain health platform.

It highlights ways to provide cognitive health and data insights to support people and companies to monitor brain health, understand risk factors to develop dementia and take steps to reduce risk of getting dementia.

“Japan faces the world’s highest rate of dementia in a super aging society and we are thrilled to help the people of Japan with resources to better understand dementia and to monitor their brain health to reduce risk,” said Savonix founder and chief executive officer, Dr Mylea Charvat.

“The website also provides another avenue for us to stress the importance of taking cognitive assessments regularly and living a healthy lifestyle to prevent dementia.”

Savonix flagship product, Savonix Mobile available in the app store provides cognitive tests and lifestyle risk assessments for dementia that can be taken on any mobile device and is available in Japan through partnerships with Fujitsu Connected Technologies Limited and Mitani Sangyo Co Ltd.

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